Gastric Bypass By Dr. Schneider

Meet Dr. Schneider

Dr. Tobin Schneider approaches medicine from a different perspective. When a patient comes to him, for Gastric Bypass surgery he takes special care to minimize fear and maximize education. Obesity surgery has come a long way, and Dr. Schneider wants to do all that he can to minimize mystery or anxiety on your part.

Dr. Schneider understands that patients should understand what is happening to them. Education is important, so patients ought to feel at ease asking questions and understanding the benefits and drawbacks for each treatment option. Dr. Schneider feels that all doctors should be kind and considerate as they help their patients to recovery. He's not above a little hand-holding along the way.

Dr. Schneider loves his job. He is proud to be able to help people on a day to day basis, to help them see their dreams come true. During his 15 years of private practice, Dr. Schneider has made each patient a priority. Aside from office staff, Dr. Schneider does not use a nurse or other physician's assistant. Although this means that he isn't able to see as many patients as most doctors, his patients get his full attention--communication is direct. The person you'll see is Dr. Schneider, and you'll know that he has all the facts.

Dr. Schneider understands that you may be anxious about your Gastric Bypass surgery. You may have heard false claims about easy fixes. When you visit Dr. Schneider, you'll see that you've found a doctor you can trust. He'll explain real options in easy to understand language. He'll help you to understand the benefits and the risks. You'll feel at ease, and you'll recognize that there's no reason to be afraid.

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"From my experiences with Dr Schneider, I found him to be a rare find in the medical profession these days. He took as much time as I needed to answer all my questions and honestly advise me as to all the pros and cons of my surgery"
 - Gastric Bypass Patient

"I have never felt rushed through an appointment with Dr. Schneider, a rarity these days.  He is a very caring doctor who immediately put me at ease on our first consultation.  He is a true professional, a skilled artisan in his field, a man who truly has a passion for his work and cares not only for his patients, but for their family members, too."
- Gastric Bypass Patient



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Meet Dr. Schneider
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