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Projected Weight Loss

Patients characteristically lose weight progressively each month after surgery. Rapid weight loss frequently occurs during the first 6 months after Gastric Bypass surgery. The majority of Bay Area Gastric Bypass patients lose over half of their excess weight within 18 months after the surgery. After that, you may gain a small amount of weight back. This is normal. Most likely, you won't reach your medically "ideal" weight. But you should reach a more healthy weight. Keep in mind that you'll need to follow Dr. Schneider's instructions--Gastric Bypass surgery is a commitment.


The First Six Weeks after Surgery

After Gastric Bypass surgery, you may experience stomach or bowel cramping, shoulder pain, or nausea. Dr. Schneider will prescribe pain medications for 1 to 2 weeks.

Movement and activity will help you lose weight after a Gastric Bypass surgery. Dr. Schneider and Bay Area Gastric Bypass can assist you as you begin your new routine. Don't over-exert yourself, but try to be a little more active each day.


Eating after Surgery

For the first two weeks while you're healing from your Gastric Bypass, you will be on a sugar-free, liquid diet. Then you'll progress to soft foods for another two weeks, after which you'll move to a normal diet.

Once you are on a regular diet, you'll need to change your eating habits. Some patients find this challenging, but are encouraged by the changes that are happening to their body!

At mealtime you'll consume no more than a few ounces of food, and you'll need to take care chewing and watching your pace. You'll generally spend 20 - 30 minutes or more eating each meal. Since the quantity of your intake will be very limited, it is very important to eat highly nutritious foods. You'll concentrate on proteins, vitamins and minerals.

You'll find yourself eating healthier than you ever did, as you won't want to waste valuable stomach space on junk food!

Dr. Schneider will help you understand more about how to develop a healthy (and necessary) lifestyle after your Gastric Bypass operation.

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