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Patients often wonder how the Gastric Bypass surgery actually works. Although it's a delicate surgery, it's essentially pretty simple.

First , a small gastric pouch is created with stapling devices.

Next , the small intestine is divided and re-connected to itself at a lower portion.

Finally , the remaining limb of the small intestine
is passed beyond the stomach remnant and connected to the small gastric pouch.

This new arrangement of your intestinal tract allows food to bypass major areas of your digestive system, thus the term "Gastric Bypass".

Diagram Showing Compleated Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery
Diagram Showing Completed Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery

Thus, Gastric Bypass surgery limits the quantity of food your stomach can hold before you feel "full". You also won't get hungry as quickly, because the Gastric Bypass operation also postpones emptying of the gastric pouch, which leaves you feeling full for an extended time period.

The bypassed portions of the stomach and small intestine remain in place and functioning.

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